Peter Kemple-Hardy is World Animal Protection UK's Head of Campaigns and has worked in charity campaigning for over a decade.

Peter Kemple Hardy

UK Campaigns Director

I’ve worked for World Animal Protection since 2018, previously leading our Sea Change and Wildlife. Not Pets campaigns. Before that, I worked in charity campaigning for over a decade working on issues related to children’s and disability rights, mental health and consumer protection. I am also active in various local and national grassroots campaigning organisations. I am passionate about the capacity of civil society to build a better future for animals, the environment and us!

In my spare time, I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether running, surfing (learning to…) or just enjoying the beautiful countryside of the west country. I also love tending my garden where I grow my own fruit and veg and try to make my tiny slice of the world as wildlife-friendly as possible.

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