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How to leave a gift in your Will

A gift in your Will

If you’re thinking about including World Animal Protection in your Will, thank you so much. Here’s what you need to know before you start.

If you leave a gift in your Will to World Animal Protection, your kindness will help give animals lives worth living. 

A third of our work is made possible through gifts in Wills, so you will truly help move the world for animals.

You can use our free Will offer to write your Will with a local solicitor. Or if you’re making a Will using your own advisor, solicitor, or Will writer, we hope the information below will be helpful. 

Different types of gifts

When writing or amending your Will, you should always seek advice from a solicitor. Here are some of the types of gifts you can leave:

  • A residuary gift is a way of passing on what's left of your estate after you have looked after those closest to you after your family
  • A pecuniary gift is a specific sum of money
  • A reversionary gift allows you to leave assets for the care of a loved one for as long as they live, after which time your gift will go to a person you’ve chosen
  • A specific gift is a way of passing on a particular item

How to word your gift

It's important that World Animal Protection is correctly identified in your Will, and that your gift is described in enough detail.

We recommend that you take this suggested wording to your advisor, for their reference:

I give to World Animal Protection, 222 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8HB, registered charity number 1081849, ____ (insert percentage or amount of gift in figures and words) and I express the wish that such gift be used for the general purposes of World Animal Protection. The receipt of a duly authorised Officer of World Animal Protection shall be a good discharge to my executors for the gift.

For solicitors and executors

If you're carrying out the wishes of someone who's included World Animal Protection in their Will, we’ve put together some help sheets which we hope you'll find useful.

Elephant in the wild

Residuary gifts

Information for executors and administrators

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Pecuniary and special gifts

Information for executors and administrators

It’s so important to speak up for animals. They can’t speak for themselves.

More information


A gift in your Will

Get involved

Making a Will gives you peace of mind, knowing your money and possessions will be passed on to people and causes you care about.

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How your gift will help animals

A gift in your Will

We’re building a better world for animals. With your help, we can protect wildlife and give farmed animals good lives. Leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will is incredibly powerful. Start your Will today.

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A gift in your will

If you have questions about any aspect of leaving a gift in your Will or would like to let us know that you have left us a gift in your Will, please contact our Supporter Care team.

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