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Our work

We’re building a new world for animals by tackling the root causes of exploitation and abuse.

From 2021-30, we’re focusing on two key goals: 

1. Ending factory farming and building a humane, sustainable food system. 
2. Stopping wild animals being cruelly captured, sold and exploited.

We’ll move millions of people to join us. Together, we’ll run inspiring campaigns, call out corporations that exploit animals, pressure governments to change laws, and work with communities to find sustainable ways forward. 

At World Animal Protection, we challenge and transform the global systems that fuel animal abuse. It’s the only way to prevent animal cruelty and free billions of creatures from a cycle of horrific suffering.

Our plans are bold and ambitious, and we won’t stop until we succeed. We’ll push ourselves and our allies to do better, to go one step further, to create lasting change across the world.

We can only achieve these ambitious goals and change the world for animals, with your support. Will you donate now to help end animal cruelty and suffering?

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Ending factory farming

Factory farming is the biggest cause of animal cruelty in the world. It creates unimaginable suffering, all to deliver cheap meat and big profits.

Too many food producers keep chickens, pigs, cows and other animals in filthy, cramped conditions, and subject them to horrific cruelty before slaughtering them. 

We’re transforming our broken food system by proving factory farming has no future, shifting investment to kinder alternatives, and working with the industry, regulators and communities.

The challenge is vast and it won’t be easy, but we’re determined to win.

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Protecting wildlife

People and corporations ruthlessly exploit wild animals and their habits on an industrial scale. Each year, billions of species are used for products, pets, medicine and entertainment.

Wild animals are hunted down and ripped from their natural habitats. Or bred in captivity and forced to spend their lives trapped in chains, tanks and cages. 

We’re fighting to protect wildlife and prevent animal abuse by disrupting cruel industries, delivering better alternatives, and pushing for laws, policies and practices that will protect wildlife and habitats forever.

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Our work

Factory farming is inflicting cruelty on billions of animals. Find out more on the devastating consequences – for animals, people and the planet – and how to help.


Our work

We’re fighting to end the abuse and exploitation of wild animals by raising awareness and inspiring people to campaign with us. Let's build a future where all animals live safely.

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