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What the UK general election means for the future of animals

The upcoming UK General Election holds significant potential for shaping the future of animal protection and welfare. As voters, it’s crucial to understand how policies proposed by different parties will impact animal welfare and the environment.

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Factory farming and animal welfare

Factory farming remains a substantial concern, with around 80% of UK farmed animals raised in unthinably cruel conditions. From the day they are born to the day they die, factory farmed animals know nothing but suffering and pain.

These intensive systems often prioritise high volume meat, dairy or egg production over animal welfare, leading to overcrowded and stressful environments for pigs, chickens, and cows. Factory farms also contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, public health issues, pollution, and habitat destruction.

Wildlife protection

The exploitation of wildlife is another critical issue. The UK government must disrupt commercial exploitation of wildlife and promote wildlife-friendly alternatives.

This includes banning the import of fur and other products derived from wild animals, which continue to enter the UK despite the domestic ban on fur farming since 2000.


Key policies for animal welfare

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Raise farming standards

Ban cruel practices such as ‘enriched’ cages for hens and sow farrowing crates, and support farmers in transitioning to humane methods with subsidies.

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A better world for wildlife

Implement measures to prohibit the domestic sale and advertisement of low welfare animal experiences abroad, ban the importation of hunting trophies, and restrict the import, transhipment, and sale of fashion products derived from wild animals, including fur, skins, and feathers.

A herd of cows in a field on Romshed Farm in Kent

Sustainable food systems

Promote sustainable diets and recognise the need for meat reduction to meet net zero targets, ensuring a just transition for farmers through government support.

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Trade agreements

Enshrine high animal welfare standards in all future trade agreements to prevent outsourcing low-welfare practices to other countries.

Why it matters

The policies set forth in this election will determine the direction of the UK’s approach to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

By making informed decisions, voters can help drive positive changes that protect animals and promote a more humane and sustainable future.


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With our posters, you can raise awareness about the importance of the upcoming General Election for animals. The decisions made by the next government will have profound implications for animal welfare, our environment, and ultimately, our own well-being.


Chickens crammed into a barn with very little space on a broiler farm in the UK

Together we can move the world to protect animals

There is a deepening crisis facing animals around the world, which affects every single one of us and our planet.

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