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There are many things you can do to promote your World Animal Protection fundraising event. 

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Tell everyone you know that you’re fundraising to help protect animals – and ask them to tell everyone they know.
  • Post about your event on Facebook and Twitter. Link to your online fundraising page so people can sponsor you easily and quickly.
  • Why not start a blog about your fundraising journey?
  • Put up posters in shops, pubs, libraries, at work and anywhere else you can think of. You can download and print the World Animal Protection posters below.
  • Hand out flyers to passers-by – we can provide these for you.
  • Contact local newspapers, radio stations and TV news stations to tell them about your fundraising.
  • Ask for your event to feature in any free listing or 'What's On' sections of local papers or local council websites.
  • Try and get a local photographer to take a photo of you in action – or take one yourself.
  • After your event, let local media know how much money you raised and send them pictures so they can write a follow up piece about your day.

Looking to take it even further? Try out some of our branded assets for extra visuals.

Download fundraising posters here

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Once you have decided to raise money for animals, make sure everyone else knows about it.

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Download our fundraising posters
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