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Five major travel companies are still profiting from cruel wildlife tourism. This must stop.

Our report, The Real Responsible Traveller, found that travel companies AttractionTickets.com, GetYourGuide, Jet2Holidays, Trip.com and TUI Musement are all still selling tickets to exploitative wildlife attractions. 

Among them, the companies offer experiences such as swimming with dolphins, riding elephants, petting primates and taking selfies with big cats.

Hundreds of thousands of wild animals are caught up in the global tourism industry. Ripped from the wild or bred in captivity, they’re chained, kept in cages and used daily for tourists’ entertainment. 

Macaque monkey performs at Phuket Zoo Thialand

Will you tell travel companies to stop profiting from cruel wildlife tourism?

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These cruel attractions rake in big profits. And as long as top travel companies keep selling tickets, the exploitation will continue. But if enough of us call them out and pile on the pressure for change, we can end it.

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How the companies scored

‘Responsible travel’ has become a popular buzzword. Many holiday companies have policies covering carbon emissions, protecting the environment and cultural sensitivity. But our research shows that wildlife exploitation is very often overlooked. 

We commissioned the University of Surrey to assess each company on six key areas relating to wildlife tourism, including a score on their approach to animal welfare. 



Sustainable wildlife tourism

To protect animals while you’re on holiday, never visit a venue where you can ride, pet or wash wild animals, or watch them perform.

By avoiding exploitative animal attractions and booking our holidays with genuinely responsible companies, we can help stop cruel wildlife exploitation. 

As someone who cares about animals, make sure you have all the facts before you book your next holiday.

Now that you know about these travel giants' policies, what would you tell them?

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Please help us tell AttractionTickets.com, GetYourGuide, Jet2Holidays, Trip.com and TUI Musement that they urgently need to do better for wild animals. By sending an email and tagging these companies across socials, you are making a huge difference.

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