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At World Animal Protection, we move the world to protect animals, where animals live free from cruelty and suffering.

Everything we do is driven by five core beliefs:

1. All animals should be protected from abuse and exploitation
Farmed animals deserve to live good lives, and be treated with respect and dignity. Wild animals have a right to a wild life, where they’re free to thrive in abundant natural habitats.

2. Animal cruelty is a global crisis on an alarming scale
Over 1.6 trillion animals are killed, harmed or exploited by people each year. This crisis is accelerating as more creatures’ habitats are destroyed and demand for animal products grows. 

3. The wellbeing of animals, people and the planet are connected
We’re all inextricably linked. The more we abuse animals, the more we put our own lives at risk. Exploiting animals and wrecking their habitats fuels climate change, threatens human health and raises the risk of pandemics. 

4. We can change the way the world works to end animal suffering
Millions of people are waking up to realities of animal cruelty, and its consequences. Together, we can overturn the global systems that drive animal exploitation, and build a humane, sustainable future. 

5. The time to act is now – if we delay, it will be too late
The next 10 years will be critical for animals, people and the planet. We face a rapidly deepening crisis. If we don’t act now to protect animals and our environment, it will only get worse. 

We’re building a powerful movement to solve this.
Will you join us to help sound the alarm and push for action?

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