Pigs in China are pictured in some improved welfare conditions.

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Campaigning for animals

We’re fighting to give all animals good lives, from ending factory farming to stopping the global wildlife trade. 

We know that change is possible, because we’ve made it happen time and again. By sharing campaigns, signing petitions and ramping up the pressure on decision makers, we can move the world for animals. 

The more people who join us, the more we can achieve. Are you in?

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When we work together, we can achieve incredible things for animals. What will you do?


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Animals are being abused and exploited everyday. When you make a donation, you’ll join a passionate group of supporters who are determined to change the world for animals.

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Have fun while fundraising for animals by signing up to a race, trek or challenge. Try something different for your fundraising event. Browse our fun list of simple fundraising ideas.

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We’re fighting to stop people exploiting wildlife and give farmed animals good lives. And we need your help. Are you with us? It takes as little as 30 seconds.

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You'll be giving animals a life worth living, and saving them from pain and misery. Good luck and thank you on behalf of all the animals you're helping.

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By adopting one of our amazing animals, you will be helping to provide the care and support that they need to live a life worth living after years of suffering.

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Making a Will gives you peace of mind, knowing your money and possessions will be passed on to people and causes you care about.

Dolphin pod swimming in the wild

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