A piglet behind bars on a factory farm.

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From the moment they’re born, billions of animals face a lifetime of cruelty and suffering at the hands of humans.  

Elephants are forced to carry tourists on exhausting rides in the scorching heat.

Bears are forced to endure brutal procedures to extract their bile for traditional medicine.

Chickens, cows and pigs are kept in cramped, filthy conditions on factory farms.

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A mahout steers an elephant in a show at a zoo in Thailand

You can make a difference for vulnerable animals

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When you make a donation, you’ll join a passionate group of supporters who are determined to change the world for animals.   We're fighting animal cruelty wherever we find it — are you with us?

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It’s an outrage that so many animals are being ruthlessly exploited and abused. They’re used in farming, for products and medicines, and for entertainment.

Animals have thoughts, feelings and personalities. Just like us, they feel pain, terror and distress – and they deserve to be treated with care and dignity. We’re fighting to protect wildlife and give animals in farming a life worth living. 

The power of your kindness

When you start a monthly donation, you’ll join a passionate group of supporters who are determined to change the world for animals. World Animal Protection is working hard to:

  • Stop wild animals being cruelly abused, exploited and used for medicine, products, pets and entertainment.
  • End factory farming and build a sustainable food system that gives animals a life worth living.

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We know times are tough for everyone. Many people simply can’t afford to give right now, so your donation will mean so much. 

If you can spare even a few pounds a month, your kindness will help keep our vital work going and make a huge difference for animals worldwide. 

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Your donation will help protect animals around the world.

Will you join us? Together, we can end animal abuse and free billions of creatures from a cycle of horrific suffering.

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World Animal Protection is the global voice for animals. 
We’re respected for our knowledge and expertise. And we’re building a movement of millions of people determined to end animal cruelty and suffering. 

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We will use your donation where the need is greatest to protect animals, like those featured in this appeal, from cruelty and suffering.