Pigs in a UK factory farm

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Factory farms across the UK inflict horrific suffering on over a billion animals each year. And shockingly, it’s legal. The UK government claims to have high welfare standards. But our investigations have revealed appalling levels of cruelty to animals in factory farms.

Mother pigs are forced into cages so tight they can’t turn to see their piglets. Sick and injured chickens sit squashed together in their own waste. Fish swim in endless circles, eaten alive by lice.

Our new investigation exposes horror of legal conditions on UK factory farms.

WARNING: This video shows some deeply distressing scenes.

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Chickens crammed into a barn with very little space on a broiler farm in the UK

Right now, horrific scenes like these are common in UK factory farms. But if we speak out, we can stop this cruel industry in its tracks. 

It doesn’t only harm animals, it puts our future at risk too – driving climate change, trashing nature and creating ideal breeding grounds for the next pandemic. 

This is the awful reality they face: 

  • Mutilations – tail docking is banned in the UK, but a loophole means over 70% of pigs still have their tails cut off. Teeth clipping and castration are both legal
  • Cages – pregnancy cages (or ‘sow stalls’) were banned in the UK in 1999, but birthing cages (or ‘farrowing crates’) are legal and used on 60% of farms
  • Space – factory farmed pigs have little space to move and can’t roam, forage or socialise. Many spend their entire lives indoors and never see grass or mud
  • Antibiotics – antibiotics can’t be used to speed growth, but can be given to healthy pigs to stop them getting sick despite their poor living conditions It’s an outrage that animal suffering is so rife in factory farms.

So it’s urgent that we act now, before it’s too late. Will you join us? 

How UK law is failing animals

The laws around pig welfare show just how little protection UK regulations offer for animals in factory farms. Pigs are sensitive animals that can feel distress, pain and fear. Yet they’re treated like objects to be exploited, and it’s all within the law.

It’s not just pigs, dairy cows, laying hens, broiler (meat) chickens and fish suffer on factory farms in the UK, too.

Will you tell the government to block new factory farms and the expansion of existing ones?

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A mother pig feeds her young through a farrowing crate in UK factory farm.

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Tell the UK government to block all new factory farms and end the expansion of existing ones. If enough of us speak out, we can stop this grim industry.

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