Pigs in a dark crate on an intensive pig farm in the UK

UK farmed animal cruelty is at a record high. It needs to stop.

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Confined in cruelty – the stark reality of UK farming

Four years post-Brexit and amidst an election year, the state of UK farming is in turmoil

Our food system faces unprecedented challenges, exacerbated by a lack of clear policy direction and government inaction. Farmers struggle with rising costs due to inflation and the impacts of climate change, threatening the security and sustainability of our food supply. 

Our investigations have revealed that farmed animals in the UK are suffering more than ever as factory farming rises 13% in 5 years.

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Broiler chicken on a UK farm

Despite the picturesque image of small family farms, the reality of the UK's food system is heavily industrialised, with factory farming becoming increasingly prevalent across our nation. 

A report in 2022 revealed that over 1,000 farms in the UK fit met the US definition of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), otherwise known as a mega-farm, housing most of our animals, especially pigs and chickens for meat.  

By 2024, this number had risen even higher. These farms aren't just large; they are also intensive, meaning they pack lots of animals into small spaces and use lots of resources – land, energy, and water.  

The conditions the animals are reared in are truly horrific. Mother pigs are forced into cages so tight they can’t turn to see their piglets. Sick and injured chickens sit squashed together in their own waste, unable to flap their wings or stretch.

But it's not just the big farms - smaller ones are also following suit. The law states that big farms housing a certain number of pigs and poultry require permits, but there's still a long way to go to ensure our animals and environment are protected. 

A pig is looking up from a crate it is kept in with other pigs

There is no future for factory farming

Please help us put an end to the unthinkable cruelty that our farmed animals face their whole lives.

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