Eight dolphins can be seen jumping in the air. They are clearly performing a show for the purpose of entertainment in an enclosed pool. Fake rocks and palm trees can be seen in the background.

Blow the whistle on TUI

Do you work for TUI? You have an incredible job of helping customers to ‘Live Happy’.

So does it disturb you that TUI still promotes cruel captive dolphin entertainment as innocent family fun?


By selling and promoting captive dolphin venues, TUI plays a huge role in the continuation of the animal suffering at these cruel outdated attractions.

You can help us end this.

From glossy photos it’s easy to think that captive dolphin venues are harmless enough - perhaps you yourself have even sold captive dolphin experiences in the past or visited a dolphinarium? Perhaps you didn’t know just how harmful these experiences are to dolphins?

We have supporters emailing us to say that they feel ‘sad’, ‘ashamed’ and ‘guilty’ after visiting marine parks.

This is definitely not how a holiday should make you feel!

Dolphins in captivity suffer every day of their lives

Dolphins living in captivity live in tanks over 200,000 times smaller than their natural range, often in chemically-treated water with nowhere to hide from the masses of tourists and the loud show music. Bred to keep the dolphin entertainment industry going and separated from their mothers too young, captive dolphins do not Live Happy. This is an industry built on animal suffering, packaged up to look like fun family entertainment.

If you, like many others, want no part of this, we would love your help in getting the TUI Senior Leadership team to listen and help us stop dolphin cruelty once and for all.

A group of people sitting at the edge of a tank, watching a captive dolphin perform tricks

Whether you are a travel agent, holiday representative, or any other member of their staff, we encourage you to speak up against the cruelty.

Beneath the surface of your advertisements and glossy brochures lies a heart-breaking truth – intelligent and sentient beings, the dolphins, endure a life of confinement and exploitation for the sake of profit.

It is time to unveil their suffering and put an end to this cruel business.

Make a difference for captive dolphins today


By becoming an anonymous whistle-blower, you can become the voice for these defenceless dolphins. It’s time for TUI to join the likes of Expedia Group, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Virgin Holidays, British Airways and most recently Thomas Cook, who have all stopped selling holidays and tickets to captive dolphin experiences. 

You can help create a future where these magnificent creatures are celebrated in their natural habitats, rather than exploited for profit. Together, we have the power to make a difference.

A captive dolphin swimming in a barren tank with its head slightly out of the water and looking directly into the camera.

Blow the whistle on dolphin cruelty

Take action

Does it disturb you that TUI still promotes cruel captive dolphin entertainment as innocent family fun?

Blow the whistle for dolphins
Dolphin pod swimming in the wild

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