Three elephants are pictured in the wild at a Thailand sanctuary partnering with World Animal Protection.

Our achievements

Our work

In the UK and around the world, we fight to give farmed animals good lives and stop people abusing and exploiting wildlife.

With our supporters, we’ve made amazing things happen for animals over the last 70 years.

Our big wins

  •  Libearty – In Turkey, India and Greece, we’ve helped end bear dancing for good. 
  •  Change for Chickens – We’ve called out KFC and Nando's on their poor welfare policies with a petition signed by 500,000 people from 10 countries. As a result, both have adopted a new commitment to chicken welfare following our campaign in 2019. KFC now estimates that 72 million chickens will benefit from the changes that it has committed to making. 
  • Sea Change – We launched the Global Ghost Gear Initiative to tackle lethal fishing waste, with members from governments, businesses and charities. 
  • Better lives for dogs – We work with governments and communities to protect dogs and manage populations without cruel culling. 
  • Animals in disasters – We’ve sent teams to save animals’ lives after earthquakes, floods, typhoons and other disasters. 
  • Wildlife. Not medicine. – We’re working to tackle bear and lion farming and end the exploitation of wild animals for traditional Asian medicine.
  • Wildlife. Not Pets. – Our two-year campaign forced Doncaster Racecourse to stop hosting cruel reptile markets.
  • Ending the global wildlife trade – we’re campaigning to stop wild animals being exploited for medicine, pets, fashion and tourism. 
  • Exposing the Truth Behind the Smile – 350,000 people helped push Expedia Group to stop selling tickets to whale and dolphin shows. 
  • Wildlife Selfie Code – we worked with Instagram to educate its users about the harm caused by taking photos with wild animals.
  • Tackling bear baiting – In Pakistan, we’ve slashed the number of events where bears are forced to fight dogs for entertainment.
  • Ending the bear bile industry – We’re working with partners in Asia and internationally to end the exploitation of bears for their bile.

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The future

We have big plans for the next 10 years too. Our mission couldn’t be more urgent.

The threats facing both farmed animals and wildlife are intensifying, from factory farming to commercial exploitation, pollution and habitat loss.

The way people treat animals is impacting our future too, unleashing diseases and superbugs, and fueling the climate crisis. 

At the same time, more and more of us are realising it’s time for change. This decade, we’re building a movement of millions to transform the way the world works for animals.

Dolphin pod swimming in the wild

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