An elephant is being fed by a tourist.

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We’re fighting to stop people exploiting wildlife and give farmed animals good lives. And we need your help. Are you with us?

dolphins in captivity

Tell TUI to stop profiting from dolphins

Captive dolphin entertainment is extreme animal cruelty. Travel companies, like TUI, are keeping the industry going by selling and promoting captive dolphin venues for their own profit.

Pigs in a UK factory farm

No Future for Factory Farming

Sign our petition to the UK government and demand no more factory farms in our campaign No Future for Factory Farming.

Broiler chickens on a UK farm

Ban routine use of antibiotics in factory farming

Our ground breaking investigation reveals that antibiotic-resistant superbugs have leached out of factory farms and into the UK’s rivers. Email your MP today.

A tourist riding an elephant that is wading through water

Be a Real Responsible Traveller

Responsible travel is becoming an increasingly popular term in the travel industry, encompassing critical issues like carbon emissions, the environment (also known as 'ecotourism') and cultural sensitivity. While these topics are very important, one crucial issue is often overlooked: wildlife exploitation.

Elephants giving a performance in front of a large crowd of tourists at a wildlife venue in Thailand

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