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Our food system is broken

Worldwide, billions of farmed animals endure lifetimes of misery.

They’re reared in unhealthy conditions, subjected to horrific cruelty and then slaughtered.

Shockingly, 80% of farmed animals in the UK spend their lives in vast factory farms, where they’re abused and exploited to produce cheap meat and quick profits. 

Cruelty to animals in factory farming is rife. Pigs’ teeth and tails are clipped without pain relief. Chickens are bred to grow so fast their organs can’t keep up. Cows are trapped in sheds and never get to roam free. 

Factory farming isn’t just a crime against animals. It drives climate change, destroys the natural world and leads to deadly superbugs – putting our future at risk. 

Broiler chickens on a UK farm

This is urgent. It’s time to end cruelty to animals in factory farming.

No Future for Factory Farming

Changing the way farming works

Through our campaigns, we’re opening more and more people’s eyes to the cruelty so many farmed animals face, and inspiring them to take action. 

By speaking out together, challenging harmful practices and pushing for humane alternatives, we can move the world to ensure animals in farming have good lives. 

From 2021-30, we have three big goals: 

  • Proving factory farming has no future – we’ll reveal its hidden costs, and the harm it causes our health, climate and environment. And we’ll expose the corruption and collusion that allow it to thrive
  • Creating a food revolution – we’ll work with the industry, regulators, consumers and communities. Together, we’ll reduce meat consumption, promote plant-based products and build a humane and sustainable food system
  • Moving the money – we’ll reveal the hidden financial systems that prop up factory farming, and push investors to shift their cash to support higher welfare farming and plant-based alternatives

Protect animals from factory farming


Everyday, pigs, cows and chickens are abused and crammed in together with hundreds of others. These animals have thoughts, feelings and personalities. We must treat them with humility and respect.

Farming of the future


Factory farming is driven by money and a growing demand for cheap meat, eggs and dairy, and animals are paying the price. Together, we can change the way farming works.

Protect humanity from factory farming


From superbugs and new diseases to poor diets and toxic pollution, intensive agriculture causes untold damage to people and communities. The impacts of factory farming on our health are serious and shocking.

Protect Earth from factory farming


Factory farming is endangering our planet. Our research has shown that it drives deforestation and habitat destruction, and causes greenhouse gas emissions that are fuelling the climate crisis.

A better future for farmed animals

This decade, we’re determined to transform our food system for people, animals and the planet. We’re working towards a future where all farmed animals are treated with dignity and respect. Where they can breathe outdoor air, taste fresh grass, move freely and socialise with others. 

By supporting high welfare, sustainable agriculture, we can protect our health and our planet too – reducing the risk of disease, helping wildlife to flourish and supporting our climate. 

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