Urgent Appeal: Elephants need your protection

During the current pandemic, many venues in Thailand are struggling to feed and care for their elephants. Can you help provide struggling elephant venues with food, supplements, medicine and running costs?

Our vision is a world where animals live free from suffering - together we can move the world for animals
World Animal Protection are working with Happy Elephant Valley to transition their current camp to a high welfare, elephant friendly, venue where elephants will have the freedom to be elephants instead of entertainers. Credit Line: World Animal Protection
'Windstreek' is a high welfare chicken farm located in the Netherlands which has been built with the welfare of chickens in mind, to ensure they have a good and valued life. Credit Line: Valerie Kuypers / World Animal Protection
In January 2018, World Animal Protection's disaster team responded to tropical cyclone Ava which had hit the eastern part of Madagascar. Pictured; Mr. James kitten Mimi looking healthy.Credit Line: World Animal Protection