How do you turn wild animals into a tourist show?

Beat them, starve them, and chain them so they can never escape. Animals don't perform tricks because they want to. First they are 'broken'. Tortured. Traumatised. Your support could help rescue and rehome tortured animals, and stamp out this abuse, for good.

Tell the world:

Our vision is a world where animals are free of suffering. Together we can move the world for animals.

Love baking? Love animals? Join the Big Barking Bake Sale and raise vital funds for mistreated animals all over the world.

Thousands of elephants are exploited to entertain tourists at attractions across Asia. Help now: unite for the herd and pledge not to support elephant cruelty when travelling.

Blind from neglect and abuse, Chowti was tied to a stake and attacked by dogs: over, and over again. This blood sport has to stop – and we’re going to need your help.