How do you turn wild animals into a tourist show?

Beat them, starve them, and chain them so they can never escape. Animals don't perform tricks because they want to. First they are 'broken'. Tortured. Traumatised. Your support could help rescue and rehome tortured animals, and stamp out this abuse, for good.

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In the town of Cernavoda, Romania, there's only one place to treat homeless dogs. Old, crumbling and overcrowded, it can no longer house all the animals in desperate need. You can help.

Volunteer at the biggest bear sanctuary in Europe! Help maintain and improve this essential refuge for abused bears.

Read our new report about what seafood suppliers are doing to tackle abandoned fishing equipment.

15 March 2018
We helped rescue Nepal’s last dancing bears, Rangila and Sridevi, in December. But we’re devastated to learn they were taken to a poor welfare zoo, where Sridevi died. We’re urging the Nepalese government to reveal why the bears were taken there and ensure it protects Rangila, the surviving bear.