7 day old broiler (meat) chickens in a commercial indoor system. Photography from research conducted by our Investigation and Intelligence team. Credit: World Animal Protection

Refund policy

Our policies

As a charity, World Animal Protection is dependent on donations.

World Animal Protection is not able to refund any donation, although we will consider a refund of any duplicate donations (but not the original donation) made in error (if, for example, you clicked on the Donate button more than once).

If you have made a duplicate donation(s) by mistake, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0800 316 9966 or email hello@worldanimalprotection.org.uk. A refund of the duplicate donation(s) may be given at the discretion of the UK Fundraising Director.

Elephant at Happy Elephant Care Valley in Thailand - Wildlife. Not entertainers - World Animal Protection

Cookies and privacy policy

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Supporters like you help protect animals worldwide. We value your support, safeguard your data, and maintain transparency. Your support is so important.

Pig farm in the EU

SMS Terms and Conditions

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If you've donated to us or would like to donate via. SMS, please read our T&Cs here.

A bear at the Libearty sanctuary, Romania

Gifts in Wills policy

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We have a legal entitlement to any gifts left in Wills to our charity. We are accountable to the Charity Commission under Charity Law to ensure the money is received and used according to their charitable purposes.