World Animal Protection joins leading animal welfare charities to demand better future for animals after Brexit


A report detailing how the UK can use Brexit to become a world leader on animal welfare is being launched today with an event in Westminster

Today World Animal Protection, as part of an alliance of 41 animal charities, will launch a manifesto for how the UK Government should improve animal welfare after Brexit.

The report, entitled ‘Brexit – getting the best deal for animals’ lays out key recommendations for how the UK can become ‘a world leader on animal welfare’, as the Government has said it wants to be.

Currently the UK holds an ‘A’ rating on World Animal Protection’s Animal Protection Index (API), which ranks 50 countries according to their commitments to protect animals. However, with a review of the Index taking place later this year, this rating is by no means guaranteed post-Brexit, and no country has yet achieved a perfect score.

As the UK leaves the EU, animal charities believe there is an opportunity to improve on existing EU legislation on animal welfare, and to take the lead in providing better protections for animals than ever before.

The report urges the Government to commit to concrete action including:

A range of additional measures are also recommended to improve the lives of pets, livestock, wildlife and animals in research. The report has been jointly created by an alliance of animal welfare charities and coordinated by the UK Centre for Animal Law and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

Today representatives from the alliance, including Ian Woodhurst, Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection, will officially launch the report in Westminster, providing an opportunity to discuss its recommendations with politicians and encourage them to take action.

"We hope this report will help the UK Government make the most of opportunities to achieve the best welfare outcomes for animals of all kinds, both at home and abroad, as the UK moves towards Brexit,” said Ian. “As a global animal charity, World Animal Protection will be keeping a close eye on what new laws or trade deals mean for the welfare of animals around the world."

Read the full report on the Wildlife and Countryside Link website.