Animals in farming

The treatment of farm animals is the world’s biggest animal welfare issue.

A small chick face down on the ground in a factory farming system
Billions of chickens across the world experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives.
Pigs in straw on a high welfare farm
Improving the lives of millions of pigs all around the world.
Close up of a cow grazing
Stopping the spread of factory farming in the UK.

We fight for better treatment of farm animals by:

  • Increasing public awareness of farming animal welfare issues
  • Engaging and championing key food companies and farmers
  • Providing practical evidence-led solutions of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Lobbying national government to recognise and prioritise farm animal welfare
  • Influencing international trade agreements
  • Lobbying the most influential UN organisations and committees that wil impact the future of farming

This will all help us to build a better future for farm animals and move the world to protect animals.

Nestlé and World Animal Protection will change animals’ lives