Care about cows?


Check out this new film of why cows belong on grass!

In our new Full Fact Milk film, we talk to farmers about why grazing on grass is better for cows and why they feel passionate about giving these gentle creatures the freedom to express their natural behaviours.  

“To go outdoors is just a basic freedom that every cow should have. I couldn’t live with myself, looking at a cows cooped up in a building all summer long. It’s just not where they belong.” – Andrew Ayrton, a pasture-based dairy farmer.

We ask shoppers for their views on keeping cows in intensive-indoor dairy units or on pasture based dairy farms. World Animal Protection believes that not only should cows have the freedom to graze on grass, but that consumers also deserve to know how their milk is produced, and whether it comes from cows that are housed all year around, never going outside.

We need the facts about how our milk is produced, and that’s why we are calling for milk to be labelled so that you can choose to buy milk from cows guaranteed to have grazed in fields for most of the year. 

So check out our film and meet the lovely cows who live in Yorkshire and Shropshire that love to graze on grass!

If you want to help keep cows in fields, please take the Full Fact Milk Pledge today