Are supermarkets listening to you?

What the UK supermarkets told us when you asked for free-range milk

We asked you to write to nine UK supermarkets and request they stock and label free-range milk to show they care about the welfare of dairy cows. In just one week, a staggering 7000 of you took our action, wrote to the supermarkets and demanded free-range milk, which will help keep cows on grass. Thank you!

Find out what these UK supermarkets are going to do for cows.

Factory farms rising by stealth

Our Full Fact Milk: Where does your milk come from? report exposes the expansion by stealth of intensive indoor dairy farms in the UK. This worrying increase puts the welfare of dairy cows at risk.

Currently the government doesn't publish information on how many intensive dairy farms there are in the UK or how much milk is come from factory farmed cows.

We need to know whether we are drinking   more and more milk produced from factory farmed cows. We also need clear milk labelling so we can make a choice about the milk we are drinking.

Help keep cows in fields

Please take the Full Fact Milk pledge today and help keep cows on grass, where they belong!

There is no way of telling if the milk we buy has come from cows kept inside sheds for all their lives or from cows that have grazed in fields. By taking the pledge, you are joining a movement of over 40,000 people who want to see cows in fields where they belong.

Together we can show how much Britain cares about cows!

Tell the world:


Watch our film about Full Fact Milk and take the pledge

To find out more about the dairy farmers who appear in our film and the Pasture Promise label please visit the Free Range Dairy website.

Join us in calling for free range milk.