Christmas lunch

Plant-based recipes for a knock-out Christmas Lunch



If you are looking for something different for Christmas lunch this year, here are some fantastic, festive plant-based alternatives to the traditional turkey.

Lentil, chestnut & Guinness pot pies 

These individual lentil and chestnut pies are perfect for the Christmas dinner table – crispy pastry with a warm and hearty filling. And if you have any leftover filling, it makes a perfect stew for another day! 

Stuffed Butternut Squash with Sausage 

This stuffed roasted butternut squash is full of festive flavour and makes an impressive centrepiece for the Christmas table.  

Nut Roast  

Packed with vegetables and nuts and flavoured with thyme, sage, nutmeg and allspice, this nut roast is the perfect accompaniment to all the usual Christmas trimmings.  

Parsnip and Porcini Wellington 

Caramelised parsnips, woody mushrooms, chestnuts and decadent truffle, all wrapped up in beautiful pastry package. This recipe is a definitely something special for the main event at Christmas. 

Christmas Curry 

A curry at Christmas, why not?! This curry elevates the humble cauliflower and aubergine into something spicy and spectacular for Christmas. 

As well as lots of amazing plant-based recipes to try, there’s also a range of different festive plant-based Christmas foods available at your local supermarket.

Image credit: Teri Cnudde/Pixabay

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