Five ways you can make a difference for animals



Looking for ways to help protect animals from cruelty and suffering but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a few simple ideas on how you can make a real difference to their lives.

1. Be a responsible tourist: avoid cruel animal attractions

An elephant performing tricks

Image: An elephant performing tricks at a zoo in Thailand

Seeing wild animals can be such a memorable part of any travel experience, but sadly many animals are taken from the wild, and exploited for profit and entertainment. They often live chained or caged in unsuitable conditions and are only let out to be handled, ridden or used as photo props for tourists. You can make a big difference for animals by avoiding attractions that feature cruel activities such as elephant riding, performing dolphins and tiger selfies. The best place to see animals is in the wild, where they belong. Read our guide to being an animal friendly tourist for tips on how to make good decisions for animals when you travel. 

2. Avoid factory farmed produce and look out for high welfare alternatives

A mother pig and her piglet outside at a high welfare farm in the UK

Image: A sow and her piglet on a high welfare farm in the UK

We are working to improve the welfare of farm animals – campaigning to give them better lives, with enough space to move freely and express natural behaviours. You can help farmed animals by reducing your meat consumption and only purchasing high welfare meat and dairy products.

Take our Say Yes To Less pledge today by taking meat off your plate for any morning, day, week, or month, and say no to factory farming.

Say Yes To Less

3. Campaign for animals

Campaigners holding End Wildlife Trade sign outside Downing Street, London

Image: World Animal Protection campaigners handing in our End Wildlife Trade petition in to 10 Downing Street (November 2020)

Add your name to our campaigns and join the movement to protect animals worldwide from abuse and cruelty. You can also help by sharing our campaigns on social media to raise awareness. Your voices really do make a difference. Check out how you recently helped move Expedia Group to end the sale and promotion of captive dolphin venues.

4. Kindness begins at home…

A wild urban fox in a garden in London

Image: A wild urban fox in a garden in London

You don’t need to travel across the world to make a difference for animals – start today by showing local wildlife you appreciate them. If you have a garden, you can provide untouched leafy areas where animals can make a cosy nest or hibernate for the winter. You could provide bird feeders and baths for our winged garden friends. Anyone who has a window sill can provide fresh water for visiting wildlife to help get them through the winter.

5. Spread the word

Dolphin the wild

Image: A dolphin in the wild. Credit: NOAA/ Adam Lilmage

Passionate about animal welfare? Speaking out against cruelty, teaching young people compassion for animals or volunteering your time are just some of the ways you can help make a change. Engaging others and increasing awareness of welfare issues will go a long way to changing animals’ lives (and yours too). For ways to get involved visit

A mahout steers an elephant in a show at a zoo in Thailand

You can make a difference for vulnerable animals

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When you start a monthly donation, you’ll join a passionate group of supporters who are determined to change the world for animals.   We're fighting animal cruelty wherever we find it — are you with us?

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If you can ride it, hug it or have a selfie with a wild animal, the chances are it’s a cruel venue. Don’t go.

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