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5 ways to incorporate a plant-based diet



Whether you're wanting to reduce your intake of animal products gradually, or dive head-first into the vegan pool, check out our 5 tips to help you on your way.

1. Pack a protein punch

Tofu - the versatile protein. Originating in China, tofu is soy milk which is pressed into solid blocks – like cheese making. It is high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. Coming in at around 70 calories per 100 grams, it’s also an incredibly nutrient-dense food. If you need some inspiration, check out our delicious honey garlic tofu recipe.

2. Replace cow milk with plant-based milk

An obvious choice, but there’s so much variety now available making the switch to plant-based milk much easier. Cows are producing more milk than ever. This has a disastrous consequences for their welfare, with 20% of UK cows kept on non-grazing farms and in barren sheds all year round.

3. Challenge yourself to go meat-free

With many challenges such as #MeatFreeMondays and our Say YES to LESS campaign, there’s many resources to go meat free – whether you’re dipping your toe or aiming to jump head first into vegan waters. Try it with friends to keep yourself accountable and share those delicious recipes you find with each other. 

4. Bulk up your meals

Meat can provide a large bulk of meals, but you can pad out meals with delicious vegetables and grains. Try adding Quinoa to your chilli con carne instead of mince – it’s delicious and filling, perfect comfort food for the upcoming cold, dark evenings!

5. Reinvent salad

For most people, the word 'salad' conjures up childhood memories of soggy lettuce and dehydrated cucumber. Salad has had a makeover - get creative! Add some roasted butternut squash and pomegranate. How about some berries and chickpeas? Don’t torture yourself with bland, flavourless food when you can enjoy all combinations of flavours and colours.

To help you on your journey, check out our 'accidentally plant-based' blog and discover which of your favourite foods are already meat and dairy free! 

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