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Leaving a gift in your Will is powerful and easy


Leaving a lasting impact on the lives of animals can be surprisingly simple. At World Animal Protection, we believe in the power of legacy gifts to continue our crucial work protecting animals worldwide.

That's why we're pleased to offer our supporters the opportunity to write or update their Wills at no cost, through our partnership with the Free Wills Network.

When you choose to make your Will with us, there's absolutely no obligation to include a gift to World Animal Protection. However, if animals hold a special place in your heart—as they do for many of our supporters—making a Will becomes not just an administrative task, but a meaningful act of compassion.

Inspiring stories of compassion

Jane and Susan are just two examples of individuals whose love for animals led them to leaving a gift in their Wills.

For Jane, the decision was sparked by witnessing the heartbreaking separation of a baby bear from its mother. "I just cannot bear the sight of animal cruelty," Jane explains. “And I started adopting a bear."

Jane has always felt strongly about animal protection. "There is no animal cruelty issue that doesn't worry me," she says. "Bullfighting, the use of bears, dolphin shows. This is no reasonable way to treat animals, and I think people should take action to save them."  

She sees her values reflected in the work of World Animal Protection. "As well as a hatred of cruelty and ill-treatment to other species, we share compassion and a sense of urgency. Animals are more vulnerable than human beings. They need a voice. And I see World Animal Protection as a voice for them."  

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Susan's story is equally touching. Having shared her life with much loved pets, Susan understands the joy and companionship animals bring. "It is important to me that my inheritance goes to a worthy organisation and cause that means a lot to me," she explains. "World Animal Protection helps animals worldwide. All those ugly things you ready about, how terribly animals are treated. Whether it's elephants in India, lion cubs in Africa, or whales being kept captive, they cover all these issues – and make a huge difference."

Animals are more vulnerable than human beings. They need a voice.

Making a Difference Together

At World Animal Protection, a significant portion of our work is funded by supporters like Jane and Susan who include us in their Wills. Their generosity ensures that our fight against animal suffering continues, safeguarding animals from cruelty and exploitation worldwide.

"It was super easy," Susan reflects on the process of leaving a gift in her Will. "And I was very relieved that I had done something I had put off for a little too long," says Susan.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

Whether you're passionate about wildlife conservation, farm animal welfare, or ending the suffering of animals used in entertainment, your legacy gift can create a better future for animals worldwide. As Jane and Susan urge, " Please remember the animals. They're vulnerable. They are exploited. Human beings do some really terrible things out of heartlessness. Please do what you can. You could help create a better future for them by leaving a gift in your Will to World Animal Protection."

How to leave a gift in your Will


If you’re thinking about including World Animal Protection in your Will, thank you so much. Here’s what you need to know before you start.

How your gift will help animals

A gift in your Will

We’re building a better world for animals. With your help, we can protect wildlife and give farmed animals good lives. Leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in your Will is incredibly powerful. Start your Will today.

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A gift in your will

If you have questions about any aspect of leaving a gift in your Will or would like to let us know that you have left us a gift in your Will, please contact our Supporter Care team.

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