Leave animals a world they'd choose to live in

Imagine a world where animals are treated with respect and spared from suffering.

With a gift in your Will to World Animal Protection, you can help build a world where animals are treated humanely. Together we can give animals the world they would choose.


No animal deserves to suffer to satisfy human demands, but sadly, every day millions do. Whether it's purposefully or not, their suffering is preventable - and must be stopped. We believe that all animals must be cared for humanely and protected from pain or fear. By working at both a local and global level, with your support, we can effect real and lasting change for animals.

How your Will can transform animals' lives

"We just want to be treated with kindness"

Dogs look to humans for kindness, but every year millions of dogs are needlessly culled in fear of rabies and other diseases. Your Will can give dogs a better life, all over the world. It can help provide vaccinations, educate communities and show governments that they can control homeless dogs completely humanely.

"We just want to live in peace"

In nature, bears lead a tranquil life. Imagine then the suffering of those who spend their lives caged, exploited as tourist attractions or abused in dancing and baiting. Although these bears are too traumatised to return to the wild, a gift in your Will could help give them the next best thing - a new life in our beautiful supporter-funded sanctuaries. All whilst helping to end the abuse of wild animals in the long-term.

"We just want to be treated with compassion"

Pigs are intelligent, curious and sociable, yet they're often caged, unable to stand, enduring short, solitary lives. Around the world, billions of farm animals suffer inhumane treatment like this every day, it's cruelty on the most horrific scale. Gifts in Wills are already helping to challenge cruel farming practices, but we won't stop until all farm animals are treated with the care, compassion and respect they deserve.

"We just want shelter from the storm"

Often, when disaster strikes, animals are left behind and forgotten. Not only does this expose them to terrible suffering, but communities' livelihoods are at risk as they depend on their animals. A gift in your Will can help ensure more animals are sheltered from the storm.

You can trust us to honour your values in the future, and to use your money wisely to give millions of animals a better life. Changing their world will take years, but World Animal Protection has the expertise to do it - in partnership with you.