Cyclone Idai: over 28,964 animals saved so far

Posted on 17/04/2019 by former employee Ben Skelton

Cyclone Idai has devastated southern Africa. But thanks to the kindness of animal lovers like you, our Disaster Team was there to give animals care when they needed it most.

When disaster struck, thousands of cows, pigs, chickens, goats, and pets were reluctantly abandoned as their owners were given no choice but to evacuate. Left to fend for themselves, rising floodwater, disease and starvation put animals in terrible danger.

Thankfully, our supporters were ready to help. Kind donations sent a World Animal Protection Disaster Team straight to Mozambique and Malawi. As soon as transport was possible, life-saving medicine, food and water was on the way to the worst-affected areas. 

Working alongside local emergency services, vets saved animals’ lives around the clock. In Malawi, 27,517 animals were given emergency care. Cows like Million were suffering from breathing difficulties, but after expert treatment are now well on the way to recovery.

Three-month-old Doggy might not have made it without help. He was badly injured in the chaos, but the Disaster Team treated Doggy’s wounds, gave him de-wormer and a rabies vaccine. Doggy is one of 1447 animals in Mozambique your generosity has helped to care for.

Our supporters aren’t just saving animals’ lives: their kindness goes much further. Communities rely on animals like cows, pigs and goats for income and food. The support provided to Meadow Cliff Farm in Mozambique will help care for animals and provide for farmers’ families in the future.

The emergency in southern Africa isn’t over. Right now, our team is on the ground in Zimbabwe giving animals emergency care. Soon, they’ll begin working with local governments and authorities to help make sure animals are protected should disaster strike again.

The future of animals in southern Africa still hangs in the balance. But thanks to your continuing support, together we’re making sure that animal lives are not forgotten amongst the chaos. Thank you.

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