Cyclone Idai Appeal: animals need help now

Cyclone Idai has devastated southern Africa. Thousands of animals have died in widespread flooding already, and now injury, disease, infection and starvation threatens thousands more. It’s a race against time to save them. Can you help?

Locals stand beside a damaged section of the road in Nhamatanda, Mozambique

Thousands of farm animals and pets may die from starvation, drowning and disease. Please help them before it’s too late.


£20 – will help treat the wounds of injured animals and protect them from infection


£40 - will help feed and nourish starving animals, giving them strength to fight on


£100 – will help emergency teams on the ground respond to animal emergencies as the crisis continues


Our disaster response team are saving animals in the worst-affected areas. They are treating injured dogs, pigs, goats, cows and other animals. It’s a race against time to save as many animals as we can before deadly disease spreads, and animals starve.

Your donation today will help:

  • Treat wounded and sick animals by providing emergency veterinary care
  • Sustain the animal survivors of this disaster with life-saving feed and clean water
  • Prepare to help animals and communities recover after the disaster 

Please will you help treat traumatised animals caught up in this horrific disaster? If you can donate, please do so as quickly as possible. Time to save them is running short.


Your donation will help World Animal Protection respond to animals in disasters, including the animals in need in southern Africa. Thank you so much for your help today, your kindness will do so much for suffering animals.

Stephen Sibbald
UK Country Director, World Animal Protection


Please note some images used in this appeal are for illustrative purposes only and may not feature the disaster in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Image credit centre of three small images: AFP Photo / Manjunath Kiran

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