Balkasar bakes for bears

Posted on 21/01/2019 by Guest Blogger

Getting abused bears back to health with delicious treats

Mealtime means great food and big excitement for the rescued bears at our Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan. Before coming to Balkasar these beautiful bears were not only cruelly set upon by dogs for people’s entertainment, but they were also fed appalling diets by their impoverished owners. This has caused them terrible health problems.

Thankfully, your support helps the dedicated Balkasar team nurse them back to health. Your generosity means the bears have the best diet possible – high-quality fruit, vegetables and other foods grown in the surrounding villages and at Balkasar.

Pictured: the nutritious biscuits, a tasty treat for our bears

Giving bears the nutrition they need

New to their menu are some amazing treats – biscuits made from a special recipe full of vitamins and nutrients personally devised by Dr Fakhar Abbas, founder of our partner organisation Bioresource Research Centre of Pakistan (BRC). These tasty treats are loved by the bears. They are packed with chickpeas, black and green grams (beans), red and brown lentils, rice barley sorghum, millet, pearl millet, maize, wheat and sugar cane.

BRC zoologist Madeeha Manzoor reports that new resident Anokha loves the biscuits very much:

“He jumps up and down with joy at the smell of them coming. This is in addition to his usual food which he also guzzles down with his whole heart.”

She also tells us Anokha, who arrived at the sanctuary in November 2017, was very fearful and his legs were quite weak, but he is doing well now. “He’s a very happy bear indeed and he really likes having people around him. He’s very friendly with the staff and with the other bears too.”

Image: Anokha is recovering well and is a big fan of the nutrient-packed Balkasar biscuits.

How you can help the bears

Your kind donations help us give these gorgeous animals a forever home safe from abuse, with plenty of food, expert veterinary care, enrichment and a large luscious sanctuary to roam around and explore. With just £1 a week you can help our partner sanctuaries provide the bears with the best possible life.

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