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picture of Leela, walking
red heart

Lovely Leela

“Hi, friend! My name’s Leela (which means ‘play’). I’m best known in the sanctuary for my golden fur, and my golden heart.”

  • Female, brown bear
  • Loves: greeting new bears, playing with friends

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picture of Pooh with one paw raised
orange heart

Playful Pooh

"Oh, hi! Sorry, I was just finishing a snack. My name's Pooh. My friends say I'm sweet, loyal, and a bit shy - but I'm playful when you get to know me!"

  • Male, Asiatic black bear
  • Loves: eating, snoozing and playing

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picture of Chowti with the tongue out
red heart

Cheeky Chowti

"Hello, it's great to meet you! My name is Chowti, and I'm so happy to be at the sanctuary. I love exploring, making friends, and living my best bear life."

  • Female, Asiatic black bear
  • Loves: exploring, chilling by the pool

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