The Solution

We’re asking you to say yes to less cruelty, starting with putting more plants on your plate. Let’s ditch the meat and dairy.

Let's drop out of the factory farming system built on animal suffering – and let's say yes to less carbon emissions, and less health issues for our families.

It's up to all of us, whether we’re meat-eaters, flexitarians, veggies or plant-based powerhouses.


Let's create a humane, sustainable food system

The current food system is unsustainable and broken. The current, intensive factory farming  system harms animals, humans, and the planet.

Humane farming means giving animals space, light and air – and allowing them to express their natural behaviour. Letting animals move freely, for example, reduces the need for painful practices like tail docking, which is used to stop crowded pigs biting each other's tails on intensive farms.

Humane farming is better for humans too. It can create jobs, boost profits, and keep local food supplies healthy. It can also help to save the planet – reducing environmental damage by recycling nutrients, improving the soil, and bringing down greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about how we can create a sustainable food system.

Image credit: World Animal Protection

Free range chickens

What can you say less to?

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I can take factory farming off my plate for a morning this month
kale salad
I can take factory farming off my plate for a day this month
med veg tart
I can take factory farming off my plate for a whole week
orzo pasta
I can take factory farming off my plate for an entire month
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Learn about the problem of factory farming and how you can help
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