Lindsay Duncan, Farming Campaigns Manager for World Animal Protection UK

Lindsay Duncan

UK Campaigns Manager - Animals in Farming

I have volunteered for a number of UK and international animal welfare NGOs and have been working to improve welfare for animals both wild and farmed almost a decade.

At World Animal Protection my role focuses on ending suffering and cruelty for farm animals in the UK. I have been working on our Raise Pigs Right campaign to end the confinement of mothers pigs and the painful mutilations of piglets. I have also been working on our Change for Chickens campaign asking companies to sign up to the Better Chicken Commitment that gives chickens a healthy growth rate, more space, natural light, enrichment and perching space. My role is to give people information on how these activities actually impact the animals involved and run campaigns to encourage people to speak out against animal welfare issues in farming.

In my spare time I love dance and sewing – nothing better than making an animal print dress!

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