Farming of the future

Together, we can change the way farming works to build a humane, sustainable global food system.

Factory farming is driven by money and a growing demand for cheap meat, eggs and dairy, and animals are paying the price. To drive up profits, companies force animals to endure horrific treatment, while politicians refuse to pass laws that could protect them.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Millions of us care passionately about animals, and together we have an amazing opportunity to change things.

By calling for radical changes to our farming system, we can build a kinder, healthier, safer future for animals, people and the planet.

Creating a food revolution

We need a revolution in the way we produce and consume food.

That means working with governments, consumers, food producers and investors to change the way the world works for animals.

To create a sustainable future, we’re pushing for:

  • No new factory farms: a total ban on new factory farms being built by 2030.
  • Lower meat consumption: a 50% cut in meat production by 2040 as we switch to more sustainable diets. This will create space for animals to be farmed with care and dignity.
  • Plant-based alternatives: action from government and retailers to ensure non-meat food options are affordable and available to everyone.
  • Ethical investment: investors move their money away from factory farming to support humane and sustainable farming systems.
  • Support for sustainable methods: government subsidies for regenerative and circular farming. All farming supports wildlife and the environment, protecting soils and fresh water, and hosting a diverse range of plants and animals.
  • A good life for farmed animals: all existing factory farms commit to high welfare standards.
  • An end to routine antibiotic use: when animals are kept in good conditions, the need for antibiotics to treat and prevent disease will fall.

Help change the future

What we eat shouldn’t depend on inflicting terrible cruelty on animals.

Building a sustainable, fair and humane food system will stop unnecessary suffering and give billions of animals a life worth living.

It will curb climate change and reduce environmental destruction. It will improve our health and cut the risk of superbugs, pandemics and devastating diseases.

The first step is to stop all new factory farms. Will you sign the petition now?

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