End factory farming

The astounding scale of animal suffering

  • 40 billion chickens worldwide face unbearable suffering in factory farms every year
  • Chickens are grown too big & too fast suffering from many painful health problems
  • 70% of pigs on UK farms have had their tails cut off
  • Tens of thousands of UK dairy cows are kept indoors all year restricting their natural behaviours

We're dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals

Factory Farming Is Animal Cruelty Too

  • Bear dancing? This is animal cruelty.
  • Dog culling? This is animal cruelty.
  • Factory farming? This is animal cruelty, too.

Factory farming is the largest source of animal cruelty in the world. But fast food restaurants and supermarkets would rather you didn't know that.

Forget the slogans. Forget the catchy jingles. Forget the clever advertising. Businesses are exploiting farm animals on a staggering scale for the sake of profit.