Nando’s failing on chicken welfare


Lifted by our success in persuading KFC to give chickens a better life, we are urging Nando’s to follow suit.

The #RealCheekyNandos

Our #RealCheekyNandos campaign is calling on fans of the restaurant chain to demand Nando’s take urgent action to improve the welfare of chickens.   

Cramped conditions and fast growth cause health problems

The fast food chain continues to use fast-growing breeds of chicken which suffer from terrible health problems, including deformed legs and hearts and lungs that struggle to keep up. This often means they cannot walk and die prematurely. 

In addition, chickens are kept in cramped conditions in a space less than an A4 piece of paper. 


14 day old broiler (meat) chickens in a commercial indoor system. Credit: World Animal Protection

Credit: World Animal Protection

Price doesn’t mean good chicken welfare

We’ve been talking to Nando’s customers and found 38% of them believe the chain has the highest chicken welfare standards. However, our ‘Pecking Order’ report ranked their welfare policies as ‘very poor’, yet they charge significantly more than other high street competitors.

Calling for Urgent Improvement

Our campaign calls for Nando’s to commit to: 

  • Stop using fast-growing chicken breeds and instead switch to chickens which grow at a slower rate, to avoid catastrophic health issues and unnecessary pain
  • Introduce lower stocking densities to give chickens more space and room so they can behave more naturally


Our #TheRealCheekyNandos graphic above illustrates the reality for Nando's chickens

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