Ghost Fishing UK clear lost fishing gear from seven ship wrecks in Orkney


Thanks to your support, we've been working with volunteer diving organisation Ghost Fishing UK to remove lost fishing nets, lines and ropes (Ghost Gear) from seven main ship wrecks in Scapa Flow in Orkney, where it entangles, maims and and kills marine animals.

Scapa Flow is famous for the German fleet of ships that was sunk in WW1, however the area had become a death trap for sea animals such as crabs, mussels and fish that are easily caught in the discarded nets, pots and other fishing equipment that had accumulated on the wrecks. After four years of expeditions, the area has been cleared of Ghost Gear and is now much safer for marine animals and divers. 

Twenty-four divers, and six crew members, spent six days working on the wrecks. Great piles of rope, twelve creel pots, queenie dredging nets, and whelk traps were all found on the famous dive sites. Six creels (or “lobster pots”) have been cleaned and donated to The London Aquarium for their underwater exhibits. An information placard will educate visitors to the aquarium on London’s South Bank on the global ghost fishing problem.

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