Excellent news for animals: International travel company makes further commitments to protect animals


We partner with travel company World Expeditions in order to create a Code of Conduct that will protect animals from exploitation.

We believe that all animals should have a good life and that we have a duty to protect them.

We are delighted that adventure travel company, World Expeditions has partnered with us to develop an Animal Welfare in Tourism Code of Conduct. Having already removed all instances of elephant rides from their trips last year, they have now made further commitments that will ensure wild animals are only viewed in their natural habitats.

With offices around the world, including the UK, this new partnership will set a high standard for animal welfare in tourism. The Code of Conduct will require diligent research when evaluating visits to sanctuaries and it will prevent products made from animals (e.g. ivory and turtle shells) from becoming souvenirs.

The company has committed to never including cruel activities such as posing with tigers or walking with lions in their travel itineraries and together we have created a list of quick tips for travellers

Many tourists who love animals are simply not aware of the hidden cruelties that go on behind the scenes at wild animal attractions and they unknowingly contribute to animal suffering when they participate in activities such as elephant rides or posing for a photo with a tiger. By partnering with World Expeditions we can reach tourists and help local tour operators find alternatives that improve the lives of animals around the world.

“We believe that all animals should have a good life and that we have a duty to protect them.  We are glad to have World Animal Protection’s guidance on our code of conduct as we know that it is the best way to ensure that we improve the lives of animals everywhere we travel” says Donna Lawrence, Responsible Travel & Brand Manager for World Expeditions. “The code applies to our local operators, employees and our travellers. It sets a high standard for the treatment of animals across all possible encounters on our trips” she continues.

About wild animals in tourism

From elephant rides to walking with lions, selfies with tigers to swimming with dolphins, wild animal attractions are currently part of too many holidays. Yet tourists are largely unaware of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes.

How you can help

  • Make sure your holiday is animal friendly: read our tips on how you can ensure no animals was exploited for entertainment or tourism.
  • Visit our Before They Book website, watch our video and share online so others can learn about how they can help end this cruel trade.