Celebrities launch Big Barking Bake Sale


Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and celebrity vet Pete Wedderburn are urging animal lovers to register for our Big Barking Bake Sale in October.

Bake sales can be held at home, work, school or in the community and money raised helps vulnerable animals around the world.  

Simply register here, set a date and invite your friends, family and pets. There are recipes and tips on our site, and Evanna has produced some films highlighting her top tips for vegan baking and her favourite cook books. Pete has also created a dog friendly recipe, so you can bake for your furry friends.  


Evanna Lynch bakes her favourite vegan cake

Evanna said: “As a passionate animal lover I really appreciate the work that World Animal Protection do to help the millions of animals around the world that are threatened by disease, violence and culling.  

“I particularly admire the way they work with communities to find solutions that work for them and save animals at the same time. The money you raise could help ensure dogs are vaccinated and provided with the vet care and love they need.” 

Evanna hosts The Chickpeeps, a vegan podcast and is about to start filming the US series Dancing with the Stars. 


Pete Wedderburn's recipe for dog biscuits

Commenting on his dog friendly biscuit recipe, Pete said, “Use ingredients that are safe for your dog and avoid chocolate, onions and garlic. Try to stick to ingredients that your dog will like.”

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Volunteering with gorgeous bears

Volunteering with gorgeous bears

Our amazing supporters have been out in Romania at the Libearty - Bear Sanctuary which you help fund, volunteering with the gorgeous bears.