Animals in disasters: Mount Sinabung update


Our team returns to review the progress of the animals they helped at the site of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

This article was written when we were called the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Find out about our name change

At the start of the year, our team was deployed to the site of an erupting volcano in Indonesia, to provide emergency support for livestock. This month they returned to the disaster area to see how the animals they had helped were getting on.

Read about their travels on our Animals in Disasters Blog.

“We’re back in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia working just outside the 5 kilometre exclusion zone around Mount Sinabung. We're here to monitor and evaluate the work we did in January and February when we came to assist the evacuation and feeding of livestock from villages in the danger zone surrounding the erupting volcano.”  See more 

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