The 2014 Party Political Conference Season


World Animal Protection heads to the 2014 Party Political Conferences

World Animal Protection will be heading to the Party Political Conferences this year in order to engage with politicians and political party members on our key animal welfare issues.

The party conference season takes place every year in September and October and allows members of each party to come together alongside elected politicians and organisations across the UK.

Having recently attended the Green Party Conference, we will also be heading to the major UK political parties conferences up and down the UK.

The conferences provide an opportunity for us to talk about the issues we have been working on over the past twelve months and what we will be working on in the coming year.

As a registered charity we do not support or endorse any political party or candidate. Our attendance at conferences helps us further World Animal Protection’s UK charitable objectives by working with politicians across all political parties to improve the lives of animals both in the UK and around the world.

We will be discussing our work on wildlife crime, pasture-based dairy farming and our newly launched Sea Change campaign.

What will we be discussing at conferences?

  • Our Sea Change campaign was launched in August this year and we will be discussing the impacts of ghost gear on marine wildlife. Read more about the campaign.
  • Our wildlife crime campaign aims to achieve a UK strategic plan for tackling domestic wildlife crime. You can take action now.
  • Our dairy farming campaign seeks to promote the importance of pasture in farming.
  • As an international organisation working on many issues, we will be talking to people about all areas of our work. Find out more.

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