200 travel companies end elephant rides


We now have over 200 travel companies that have committed to ending the sale of elephant rides and shows and many are now offering alternative cruelty-free elephant experiences to their customers.

From the moment they’re born, captive-bred cubs at tourist attractions endure immense cruelty

If you are booking a holiday which includes an elephant experience, then make sure you check out our elephant friendly travel company list which includes major operators such as The Travel Corporation, TUI Group, Thomas Cook and Intrepid Travel.

New UK sign-ups, including VIVID Travel and Toucan Travel, helped push the number over 200 elephant friendly operators.

The crush

Elephants are wild animals and to make them suitable for riding and handling they are put through a brutal training process often called ‘the crush’. This involves inflicting pain and withholding food and water until the elephant’s spirit is broken.

The bullhook, a stick with a sharp metal point on the end, is used if an elephant steps out of line and is a constant reminder to do as they are told.

Companies yet to commit

Many companies have signed, however, there are still UK based tour operators that are offering elephant rides and shows including Scott Dunn and Southall Travel in the UK.

Chiara Vitali, campaigns manager at World Animal Protection UK said, “It’s wonderful for elephants that companies and holidaymakers are coming to realise the cruelty of elephant rides and shows. However, there are companies out there still offering these activities. If you do see a company selling these activities please let them know about the cruelty involved and ask if they will sign our elephant friendly pledge.”

Click here to download our animal friendly tour operators and find the right one for your holiday. You can also click here to see our guide to being an animal friendly tourist.

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