Mother pigs kept in barren conditions with no enrichment on a low welfare farm

We spoke up for mother pigs at Tesco’s Annual General Meeting


We bought shares in Tesco and went to its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to directly ask the Tesco Board, and its Chief Executive, when the 2,000 supermarkets they own in Thailand will stop sourcing pork from farms which cruelly cage mother pigs.

Over 30,000 World Animal Protection supporters in Thailand and the UK have asked Tesco to give mother pigs better lives. There are around a million mother pigs in Thailand suffering in cruel confinement that would be illegal in the UK. 

Dave Lewis, Tesco Chief Executive, agreed they need to do more and we have taken up the offer of a meeting with the team with responsibility for pig welfare. We’ll be asking when the Tesco Lotus supermarket chain they own will stop sourcing pork from factory farms that keep mother pigs in pregnancy cages no bigger than a fridge.


Over 30,000 of you in Thailand and the UK have asked Tesco to act

In its response Tesco UK has acknowledged it needs to act on mother pig welfare and has said it will explore with suppliers how to get mother pigs out of cages on farms in Thailand that supply its Tesco Lotus store with pork products. Now it needs to set a date for when this will happen. 



Tesco can make a change

Ian Woodhurst, our farming campaigns manager, said: “Tesco has the power to make the changes we want to see and improve the lives of mother pigs in Thailand. Now it needs to make that commitment and take action.” 

Sow stalls, or pregnancy cages, were banned in the UK in 1999 and we are demanding Tesco PLC introduces a global policy to improve pig welfare on the farms that supply its stores worldwide.  

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