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The UK Government has dropped the Kept Animals Bill


It has been announced that the UK government will drop the Kept Animals Bill. The Bill which included a number of essential measures to improve animal welfare, including a manifesto commitment to ban the live export of farmed animals for slaughter, will no longer progress through parliament. 

Peter Kemple Hardy, World Animal Protection UK director of campaigns said "Dropping the Kept Animals Bill, is an abdication of responsibility by the government and betrays the promises made to the British public. Our research shows that 72% of people want to see stronger legal protections for animals."

"Government must ensure these promised commitments are delivered through private members bills. Failure to do so will allow the continuation of abhorrent cruelty to animals which millions of animal lovers in this country will not forgive."

There are still a number of very important animal welfare bills progressing through Parliament at the moment, including the Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill and Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill. Now more than ever we need your support to ensure these bills become law. Sign up for email updates and we'll be in touch with more information soon. 

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