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Success for the Trophy Hunting (Import Prohibition) Bill


Great news from the House of Commons today as the Trophy Hunting (Import Prohibition) Bill successfully passed its second reading, bringing us one step closer to its enactment.

This bill, aimed at banning the import of hunting trophies of lions, elephants, and other animals into Great Britain, marks a significant stride towards ending the cruel practice of trophy hunting.

During the parliamentary debate, MPs from various parties rallied behind the bill, emphasising the urgent need to protect wildlife from the torment and bloodshed inflicted by trophy hunters.

Peter Kemple Hardy, UK Campaigns Director, highlighted the necessity of this ban, echoing the sentiments of the British public who vehemently oppose the brutal exploitation of animals for sport:

A ban on the import of hunting trophies into Great Britain is essential to protect wild animals from being tormented and killed for the entertainment of trophy hunters. The British public has made it clear that it wants no part in the brutal, senseless killing of wild animals for the entertainment of a cruel and wealthy few.

In the debate, MPs referenced the many emails that they had received from their constituents in support of the Bill.

Despite previous obstacles faced by an identical bill in 2023 which was obstructed in the House of Lords, the momentum for change remains strong. It is imperative to sustain the pressure on both MPs and Lords, ensuring they recognise and uphold the overwhelming public support for this crucial ban.  

What did MPs have to say? 

We were happy to see 49 MPs support the Bill.  

John Spellar MP (Lab.) stated:

It is much better to have tourists shooting animals with cameras rather than with rifles and crossbows. We need to look towards a future of sustainable species and people being able to enjoy these animals not just through historical videos from David Attenborough, but by visiting themselves

Jeff Smith MP (Lab.)said:

From all kinds of different demographic groups and areas around the country, the British public are absolutely united in wanting this trade banned.

Henry Smith MP (Con.) remarked:

A clear majority of the British people do not want the body parts of endangered species imported here, because they care about these majestic species and want them to continue to exist, for the sake of their children, grandchildren and many generations to come.

John McNally MP (SNP): said:

Enough talking—the time is to make this actually happen

Dean Russell MP (Lab.) said:

This legislation is the right thing to do. It is an abhorrent act to go to another country and kill an endangered animal in order to stick its head on a wall.

Theresa Villiers MP (Con.) said:

I think it was the distressing case of the killing of Cecil the lion that alerted many people to what is happening. I, too, have many constituents who want this Bill to go through. That is why I am here today to support it.

In the weeks ahead, we will continue to keep our supporters informed on what they can do to help push this important Bill through Parliament.

Stay updated and join us in the fight against trophy hunting.

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