A humpback whale in Algoa Bay in South Africa, which was awarded the Whale Heritage Site accolade

easyJet holidays announces animal welfare policy


In positive news for wildlife today, easyJet holidays have announced their animal welfare policy as part of their Holiday Better programme.

We have been in consultation with easyJet holidays since 2020 and have been impressed with their ambition to make all of their offers animal-friendly.

easyJet holidays will not be offering or promoting any harmful animal-based attractions in their tours and activities programme, including captive dolphin venues, zoos, animal performances, rides and sporting events. 

As the UK’s fastest growing tour operator, they represent a powerful voice in the industry. By refusing to profit from animal suffering easyJet holidays has set itself apart from other travel companies that continue to sell and promote harmful wildlife experiences to holidaymakers. 

An Orca swimming at the surface in Algoa Bay in South Africa

Katheryn Wise, Wildlife Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection UK said:

EasyJet holidays has really stepped up for animals with this strong and ambitious animal welfare policy. From the outset easyJet holidays have been clear that they are committed to offering their customers responsible, wildlife friendly travel options and it has been a pleasure to work with a company focused on listening to their customers and choosing not to profit from captive wildlife entertainment. It is through working together and commitment like this that we can truly expect to see lasting change for wild animals across the world.

Three dolphins are swimming together. Two of the dolphins are on the surface of the water while the other one is jumping.

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Image credits: Images by Raggy Charters

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