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Animal welfare successes in October


With plenty of achievements to look back on so far this year, there are still more to come. Here's what you made possible for animals globally this October.

🌊 You danced to end captive dolphin cruelty

During SeaWorld’s Spooky Night event, the Australia team took to the streets to perform a zombie dolphin performance to highlight the dolphins who have sadly died at the venue due to poor animal welfare standards. Dancers performed around gravestones while the rest of the team distributed leaflets and gathered signatures from the public.

🌍 You celebrated sustainable and responsible tourism

Wildlife Heritage Areas, a programme developed by WAP and WCA, celebrates destinations around the world that support local communities, protect local wildlife, and respect the natural environment. New areas have been accredited to offer tourists responsible and sustainable travel options.

🦒 You called for change during the Africa Climate Summit

Actions and events led by the Africa team raised awareness for climate change and instigated some important acknowledgements. A breakfast meeting brought together academics, researchers, the media, and animal welfare organisations, as well as a street march to call for the inclusivity of animal protection in summit talks.

🐻 You assisted a bear rescue in Vietnam

After being trapped for 20 years in a small cage, Na, a black bear was rescued with the combined efforts of World Animal Protection, Vietnam’s Forest Protection Department, and Four Paws. After a successful transfer to a Four Paws sanctuary in Ninh Binh, Na will receive veterinary care and join the 45 other Asiatic black bears and have ample space to roam.

🦚 You made a stand at International Fashion Weeks

Global teams worldwide have been taking action on recent Fashion Weeks being hosted in their respective countries. The Australia team celebrated Melbourne’s Fashion Week commitment to going free from wildlife-derived materials. The Denmark team also recently held an event running alongside Copenhagen’s Fashion Week to promote animal-friendly fashion and advocate for ethical choices within the industry. 

🐘 You took to the airwaves to highlight elephant welfare

The Thailand Country Director, Nui Roatchana, hosted a segment on ThaiPBS, a national TV station. During this time, Nui delivered the message of the elephant campaign and discussed the growing demand for elephant-friendly venues for tourists to experience responsibly.



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