Lindsay Oliver e Roberto Vieto, da Proteção Animal Mundial, acompanhando o resgate da Mundi. Ambos estão de costas, olhando para o avião que está ao fundo.

Animal welfare successes in May


Inspiring change and raising awareness: let's take a look at some of the ways you've made a significant impact in May.

Open book You helped successfully relocate Mundi the elephant to her new home. 

For the last 35 years, Mundi has been isolated in a zoo in Puerto Rico. Due to the zoo facing closure, all the animals must be relocated. The Wild Animal Sanctuary was able to put the rescue in place, and World Animal Protection stepped in to aid with transportation to her new home at ERNA. After transporting her by aeroplane, she is now settling into her new home. 

Open book You helped spread the word about the damage caused by industrial-scale grain production. 

The Brazil team launched a new documentary in partnership with Reporter Brazil. The mini-documentary Floresta Racionada (which translates to Forest for Feed) explores grain production and how it impacts wildlife and the environment. The deforestation and the fires used to clear land displace many animals and destroy their natural habitats. The land is then used to grow crops to feed farmed animals 

Open book You launched wildlife-friendly medicine in China. 

The China team has successfully launched the Wildlife Friendly Medicine Initiative, the first of its kind to launch in China. This new initiative will call on the traditional Chinese medicine industry to encourage the use of wildlife-friendly and herbal alternatives, which in turn ensures the protection of biodiversity. 

Open book You educated others on the lack of sustainability in animal agriculture 

Members of the UK team were invited to the Innovation Forum: The Future of Food conference in Amsterdam. There were several talks over the two-day event, and a breakout session centred around animal agriculture and sustainability opened the eyes of the audience. Many agreed that fewer animals need to be produced and consumed, and animal welfare standards must be raised.  

Open book You spread the word about dolphins suffering in Spain 

Our Campaigns Innovation Hub was launched in Spain and has already seen an increase in activity around certain campaigns, particularly the work to highlight the suffering of captive dolphins in a Spanish venue called L’Oceanogràfic

Open book You helped educate the next generation on animal welfare 

The China team hosted an online training session for students at an international high school, teaching them about animal welfare. Speaking with almost 70 students, they used immersive interaction to inspire and to increase their awareness of animal protection and encourage them to take action. The students produced illustrations and other creative pieces to share tips on how to protect and preserve wildlife.  

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