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Animal welfare successes in March


March was a busy month with many great successes for animals around the world. Here are some examples of how you helped make a positive impact.

prawn You helped urge another pharmaceutical company to sign our Wildlife Not Medicine pledge 

A leading pharmaceutical company called Zhejiang Wuchan Zhongda Pharmaceutical LTD in China, has made a commitment to not produce products with ingredients derived from wild animals. The director has also committed to begin educating their staff and consumers to investigate plant-based and humane alternatives. This is the 14th company to sign our Wildlife Not Medicine pledge. 

prawnYou promoted better welfare and industry practice for chickens in Thailand 

The Thailand team held a Chicken Art Festival over eight days in Bangkok, hosting exhibitions, installations, and performances to get the public to think about the welfare of chickens and the effects of farming on the climate.  

prawn You took a stand for elephants on World Wildlife Day 

The India Team held a festival aiming to change the behaviour of people towards elephants used for tourism. As well as educating the public of the suffering elephants endure, the government was also urged to help curate solutions that would help the elephants and the people who train them.  

prawnYou helped pass wildlife bills in UK parliament 

Two prominent wildlife protection Bills passed their final stage in the House of Commons. The Trophy Hunting Bill will ban the import of endangered species hunting trophies in the UK. The Animals (Low Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill will ban the sales of low-welfare animal attractions abroad, in England and NI. Both these Bills have now progressed to the House of Lords, and if passed will become law.  

prawnYou applied more pressure to sports brands ditching kangaroo leather 

The sports brand Nike has recently announced it will no longer use kangaroo leather in its sports shoes, not long after Puma also announced it will cease to use the animal-derived material. The pressure is now mounting on Adidas and Zalando to follow suit.  

prawnYou helped us highlight the worst climate offenders in factory farming 

Our factory farming scorecard has been issued and takes a close look at the companies that generate the highest number of emissions from factory farming animals. JBS has come out as the top worst polluter, as its emissions are equivalent to 14 million cars on the road per year. There has also been no plan revealed to address cutting these emissions, or if they will stop illegal deforestation to grow animal feed.   

prawnYou helped drive the need for change for farmed animals around Asia 

Our Investing in Others grant programme has granted 8 organisations to develop practices that will transform the global food system. Our Chief Philanthropy Officer Kimber Leblicq visited the Philippines to observe the progress being made for higher welfare on aquaculture and broiler chickens.  


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