Pigs in China are pictured in some improved welfare conditions.

Animal welfare successes in June


With plenty of successes to look back on in 2023 so far, there are still more to come. Here's what you made possible for animals around the world this June.

🛑 You protested TUI for exploiting dolphins in the Netherlands  

The Netherlands Team targeted TUI with a new campaign to expose the group’s commercial exploitation of animals. Everyday, thousands of animals are used to entice tourists, and TUI is the largest travel organisation in the Netherlands. This campaign will educate the public and apply pressure on TUI to change. 

🌾 You shared the devastating effects of factory farming at Bonn Climate Conference 

We took a stand at Bonn Climate Conference with a side event with speakers from the Plant Based Treaty and Global Forest Coalition. The top five climate culprits were highlighted, and climate emissions from factory farming were linked with habitat destruction from the animal feed trade. A ban on new factory farms was encouraged by the speakers.  

💡 You inspired communities in Africa  

The Africa Team organised a hands-on two-day initiative to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wild animals in their natural habitats. Working in partnership with the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, activities included a beach clean-up, bird watching, and a mangrove tree planting exercise. 

🐬 You took a stand outside SeaWorld  

The Australia Team took action against SeaWorld publicly outside their Gold Coast office over a lack of transparency around animal welfare. As it stands there are no requirements to disclose any information or report to any regulatory authority on dolphin births, deaths, or sicknesses. The disruption is part of the Sea World Truth action, which will continue into the summer.  

World Animal Protection staff in Australia stand outside of Sea World to inform the public on the cruel truth of captive dolphin entertainment.

🚜 You encouraged one of the biggest pig producers to improve animal welfare 

The China Team met with one of the largest pig producers CP China with our partner organisation, China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance, to discuss animal welfare in meat production. In 2019, a three-sided cooperation statement was signed to conduct high-welfare trials and monitor progress. CP China gave the team a tour of a newly built farm that will house high-welfare animals.  

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