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Animal welfare successes this August


August: Opinions reshaped, lion plight, better lives for bears and elephants, plus a rap against Thai elephant exploitation. Discover how you made a difference.

🐍 You pushed to change opinions on snakes 

The Africa office held an event to celebrate snakes and address the misconceptions people may have about these sentient beings. Working alongside journalists and using social media hashtags to highlight the cause, conversations began trending that hold the potential to change public perspective on these animals.  

By working with journalists, we believe people can change the way they perceive and treat snakes and wildlife in general.   

🦁 You highlighted the plight of South African lions 

On World Lion Day, our latest report went live as we revealed the cycle of cruelty lions in South Africa face. Cubs are subjected to wildlife tourism exploitation, and upon reach maturity they are used in canned hunting and illegal bone trade. We are asking the citizens of South Africa to apply pressure and call out the South African government to phase out the captive lion breeding industry.  

🐻 You helped bears in Vietnam have a better life 

World Animal Protection collaborated with Vietnam’s Forest Protection Department and successfully transferred two bears to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Province run by Animals Asia Foundation. The bears, named Bonnie and Clyde, were voluntarily surrendered by their former owners as they wanted them to have a better life.  

🐘 You rallied to put an end to elephant rides 

The India team was joined by more than 500 supporters who took a stand to end the daily elephant rides in Amer Fort, Jaipur. The rally is the latest in a series of actions to send a strong message to the Chief Minister to stop the exploitation. In addition, over 100,000 signatures were collected across India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and Denmark to apply further pressure.  

🐄 You helped New Jersey move to ban crate cruelty 

A new law banning the use of crates for mother pigs and baby cows was passed in New Jersey, making it the ninth state to pass the crate-banning bill. Our supporters helped make this possible by taking action and contacting their legislators and governor to pass this bill.  

🎤 You platformed the exploitation of Thai elephants 

The Thailand team collaborated with famous rapper TangBadVoice to raise awareness of elephant exploitation in a new rap video. Inspired by the famous Thai Elephant song, the rap exposes the cruelty wildlife tourism is inflicting on elephants.

“The lyrics of this song capture my reaction to the reality that many of us, despite our familiarity and connection with elephants and their shows, are unaware of the severe cruelties they endure during training."  

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